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A 21st century manual for winning America’s most important elections – local ones – written by an operative who’s campaigned in 25 states, Small Victories illustrates how state lawmakers decide the fate of Congress, not the other way around.

Democrats made solid gains in the 2018 midterms; but failed to erase Republican majorities at the state level, where district lines will soon be redrawn. While they remain focused on Washington, Small Victories offers a wake-up call from a politico who’s fought Republican plans to retain power via onerous voter ID laws, aggressive gerrymandering and misinformation campaigns designed to depress democratic turnout. Written for readers inside the Beltway and across America, this book details how Republicans have won when it mattered, while advocating for strategies to shift the balance of power, starting with states.

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Howard Franklin
Managing Partner

Howard Franklin is the hardest working man in southern politics. Splitting time between the state capitol and campaign trail, he has helped advance the policies and careers of some of the country’s leading lawmakers, including former Mayors Maynard Jackson and Shirley Franklin, Congressmen John Lewis and Sanford Bishop, and Minority Leader Stacey Abrams.

Howard traveled the country to help Wellstone Action train 30,000 progressive activists, then got elected the first male president of the Georgia League of Women Voters before age 30.

He has worked in 25 states as a campaign manager, lobbyist and consultant, building a network of thousands of professional and aspiring politicians and activists, and a social media following that numbers more than 30,000 people.

Howard is a frequent guest on political television and radio programs and a graduate of Morehouse College.

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