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Howard Franklin Speaks at Crown Forum | November 2022

Howard Franklin Speaks at Crown Forum | November 2022

Crown Forum—11 a.m. on Thursdays throughout the semester—is an evolution of Chapel at Morehouse College. Crown Forum is a weekly assembly of the Morehouse community for dialogue about topics of positive social impact and progressive democracy.

Crown Forum is a communal tradition that is mandatory for all students and that extends from the 19th century founding of the School to the 21st-century Institution of today. The spiritual core of Crown Forum provides a grounding space where students are connected to and develop their dynamic humanity.

There is special attention given to the articulation of and exposure to social justice across Crown Forum sessions. Accordingly, the radical interdependent community of students is prompted explicitly within the dimensions of justice, identity, action, and diversity. And there is the demand of students to understand their responsibility with respect to servant leadership and a global citizenry.

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