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Politics, Partnerships, and Publishing in the New American South

Host Jim O’Brien talks to guest Howard Franklin, founder and managing partner of Ohio River South.


The Political Life is a podcast about the people immersed in the world of politics, introducing listeners to the personalities and experiences of the most interesting and dynamic individuals in the industry – politicians, lobbyists, pollsters, and more.

The podcast is frequently listed as one of the Top 200 podcasts in Apple Podcasts’ “government” category. Each week, Jim explores the career paths of his guests, the organizations they work for, and what they do to keep up in a fast-paced and constantly changing world.

Notable past guests include:
Tom Manatos – VP, Government Relations at Spotify, former aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Sheila Nix – President, Tusk Philanthropies, and former Chief of Staff to Second Lady Jill Biden
Luis Fortuno – Partner, Head of Corporate Practice at Steptoe Johnson, former Governor of Puerto Rico

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